Why kids at Catine Primary in Mozambique now love attending school

Why kids at Catine Primary in Mozambique now love attending school

Mozambique is a hot tropical country on the Eastern side of Southern Africa and many rural communities are plagued by inferior educational resources. Many of the schools in Mozambique operate in the shade of some trees with students sitting in the dirt, learning without stationery or the benefit of a blackboard, and no learning aids whatsoever.

Some children in primary school struggle with language concepts, maths concepts or writing styles. You may know of children in your community who hate going to school because they dislike the routine or prefer the comforts of home. If you do, then this story from JAM International will help them with the perspective they may need to truly appreciate the amazing opportunity they have in education.

For the children at Catine Primary School in Mozambique this way of learning had been the norm for some time. Their parents had managed to scrape together enough money to build some benches so that the children weren’t sitting in the dirt. However, prior to JAM International’s involvement, the school building consisted of a leaning structure with reed walls and a tin roof large enough to house only a few students at a time. Teachers struggled to communicate concepts clearly to the children because there was no way of writing the ideas down other than in the dust, as the school had no blackboard.

The 139 pupils who attend Catine Primary School often struggled to learn the concepts their teachers tried to teach them because writing was impossible without desks, or stationery. Despite these extremely difficult circumstances, students continued to attend school hoping to gain the knowledge they know is imperative for them to have a better life in the future.

JAM International, with the help of various partners, provided the Catine Primary School students with more than they could ever have dreamed of.

Taking these children from an outdoor classroom with no resources to weatherproof classrooms with desks, chairs, books, stationery and blackboards for their teacher to write on has literally changed the lives and the future of these children.

The school principal, Samo Francisco, expressed his appreciation saying, “Pupils are now in a comfortable and good learning environment. The upgrade of the classrooms and donation of desks will go a long way in improving the quality of teaching and learning. We hope learners
will utilize this new opportunity.”

The JAM International team thanks our partners in this project, and many other similar ones, as these resources have the potential to change the lives of children and communities
forever. If you’d like to learn more about our school improvement projects, visit this: link.