Water for security and hope

Water for security and hope

By providing water to one of the communities of Caimbambo, a municipality within Benguela District in Angola, JAM remains committed to help curb preventable fatalities caused by water-borne diseases in Africa.

A remarkable 50 water wells were drilled in Caimbambo during the first quarter of 2013.

Before the well was drilled, obtaining water was a daily struggle for the people and children of Caimbambo, who were forced to walk 15,5 miles to the river to fetch water. Local resident George Dulumbia said, “We suffered a lot, and it was even worse when the river dried up because at times it would stay dry for months on end.”

According to the Angolan government’s figures (listed in the 2010 IBEP—Population and Well-being Survey), only 42% of Angola’s 17-million citizens have access to clean water and just less than 60% to appropriate sanitation.

Statistics such as these are some of the motivating factors in JAM’s efforts to drill water wells in particular African countries, including Angola. In addition to the existing efforts, JAM Angola has hired a new Water, Sanitation and Hygience (WASH) Officer to further contribute to the establishment and ongoing management of water committees within the different communities that JAM serves.

“The well JAM drilled at the school has given everyone a sense of security and hope, and it has also taken away the fear of contracting diseases that plague other communities without access to safe water,” said Dulumbia.