UN experts warn of looming food insecurity in war-torn South Sudan

by / Thursday, 23 January 2014 / Published in Blog, Blog Archive

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (UNFAO) has warned that the conflict in South Sudan poses a risk to food security and nutrition. JAM understands only too well the complexities and challenges facing South Sudan, having begun its Nutritional Feeding programme in that country in 2001. The month long conflict has plunged the country’s agricultural sector into crisis. According to the Defence Web News website, under the UN Crisis Response Plan, FAO and its partners are seeking $61 million for efforts to get seed, livestock vaccines, fishing gear and other agricultural inputs and services to vulnerable rural and urban families whose production and income activities are being disrupted. The website further explains the importance of stabilising the country’s food security and state of nutrition.

Hunger looms in South Sudan as fighting threatens to disrupt food production*

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