The JAM international team help a mother save her son’s life

The JAM international team help a mother save her son’s life

Ngangdong is a four-year-old little boy in South Sudan who was rescued by the JAM international team when his desperate mother, Koliwa Lou,
brought him and his six siblings to the JAM nutritional facility in Pibor county.

Ngangdong’s little body had painful swelling all over it, some of it typical to malnutrition, but with other worrying symptoms as well that could have
been related to a strained heart. Koliwa Lou had been terribly worried about her son and on hearing about the JAM feeding program and the medical
care available through the outpatient therapeutic program (OTP) center, she hurried to bring her family to us.

Koliwa Lou and her family fled from Thangajon to Pibor because of severe flooding in the area which had decimated their community.  Besides trying to feed
her family in desperate circumstances, Koliwa Lou had also had to contend with appalling conditions as a result of the flooding. Stagnant, disease-ridden
water, an influx of mosquitos carrying malaria and terrible hygiene put her entire family at risk.

Koliwa Lou was enormously relieved when Ngandong was transferred to a Medicine Sans Frontiers (MSF) supported clinic for further evaluation and treatment.
The JAM team also gave Koliwa Lou soap and a mosquito net and provided her with valuable information on how to avoid hygiene-related
illnesses during this difficult time.

There are thousands of people who have fled to Pibor county following the floods and as the crisis continues to unfold many children are at risk of starvation
and hygiene-related illnesses, as families struggle to access the aide available to them.

The JAM international team remain determined to help as many people as possible by providing the right food for each case.  In cases of extreme malnutrition,
the JAM team provide specialized food that helps to stabilize weight.

A critical part of the work we do is to share nutrition and hygiene knowledge with the people who come to the feeding program, so we can empower families
and individuals to take care of themselves within the disaster environment they find themselves in.

The ongoing work of the JAM international team in South Sudan is providing help and knowledge which, when combined, provides a way forward for
many displaced and distressed people.