Strengthened Government ties shows trust in JAM’s work

Strengthened Government ties shows trust in JAM’s work

JAM Angola continues to be a treasured partner to hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries in Benguela Province through our varied and vital programme work. JAM’s commitment and longstanding presence has resulted in JAM being a respected and viable and reputable development partner for numerous international donors.

Yet, it has been a longstanding vision of JAM to cultivate strong local donor support from the Angolan government and corporate sector. The country’s substantial oil and mineral deposits has fostered tremendous economic growth since the ruinous civil war ended in 2002, and the growing development is clearly visible in much of Benguela Province.

Due to this exceptional growth, JAM correctly surmised that the Angolan government would one day be able to finance a school-feeding programme with the help of JAM’s expertise. It is then with great honor and pride that JAM Angola has signed contracts and begun delivering meals to an additional 30 000 children in Benguela this quarter, financed by four municipalities, with a fifth municipality having engaged in a contract for school feeding in January 2014. Despite the forecasted shrinking of the country’s GDP it is heartening to see that the government continue to prioritise education and nutrition in its budget.

JAM’s relationship with British Petroleum (BP) continues to develop after the oil giant funded the infrastructure remake of a JAM sponsored school in in 2012, and this quarter has donated sufficient funds for the drilling of 10 water wells. JAM’s Angola’s Country Director James Gibson continues to develop and strengthen ties with the government and other non-governmental partners such as UNICEF and the Ministry of Education.

Angola is developing rapidly and despite gains in funding its own social development, partnerships and programme activities developed and led by organisations such as JAM will continue to play a significant role in this country that had ended a devastating civil war which claimed the lives of over a half a million citizens.

Loyal partnerships are critical to the future development and survival of thousands of people that JAM serves. In this quarter, JAM supplied 871kgs of F100 and 885kgs of F75 therapeutic milks to the six malnutrition clinics that JAM together with Saving Moses supports.

JAM believes that with continued support from our donors, more Angolan children can be assisted. Everyone can contribute something towards supporting these Angolan communities, as well as in other communities in Mozambique, South Africa and South Sudan, by simply contacting JAM on email: