South Sudan Crisis Appeal

South Sudan Crisis Appeal

With an estimated 4,000 people dead and more than 200,000 displaced in just three weeks, over 100 000 of these being children – and with warnings that these numbers could increase dramatically – South Sudan is currently in a state of emergency that is effecting tens of thousands of children every day.

Well over 100,000 children are displaced and fear for their lives in the present situation in Southern Sudan. Many of them have no shelter or home, having fled in terror from those attacking their towns and villages. Many are without food, and don’t know where their next meal will come from. These children and their families need help – they are destitute.

It is not that these people have done anything wrong; they have been caught in the crossfire and have become involuntary victims in a situation over which they have no control. JAM has been working in South Sudan for more than a decade in difficult and challenging situations, assisting over 400 000 people in need. Our teams are on the ground and are effectively distributing food, clean water, farm equipment and emergency supplies but we need your help.

Give Now: $30.00 or $60.00 or $150.00

$30.00 will supply food for a child for 6 months.

$60.00 will give a family food for 6 weeks.

$150.00 will give a whole family food and shelter for 3 months.

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JAM confronts despair and tragedy in South Sudan

Current Emergency

With an estimated 4,000 people dead and more than 200,000 displaced in just three weeks, over 100 000 of these being children – and with warnings that these numbers could increase dramatically – South Sudan is currently in a state of emergency that is affecting tens of thousands of children every day.

Apart from the people who lost their lives, reports indicate that more than 100,000 people have also been wounded thus far. Thousands have been driven from their burnt or destroyed homes, and left with nothing except their hunger and the shock of the losses they have endured.

Rebel activity and armed clashes have been reported in six out of the 10 states in Southern Sudan. The heaviest fighting thus far is centred on the town of Bor in Jonglei State, which is currently the stronghold of rebel activity.

The world’s newest and poorest country, South Sudan faces on-going problems which range from chronic food insecurity, seasonal flooding, malnutrition, ethnic conflict, a hostile neighbouring country and an over-abundance of weaponry left over from decades of war. Progress has been made since the country achieved independence in July 2011, but the latest emergency has deeply unsettled innocent people and defenceless children in this young nation.

Armed forces have seized the Jonglei state capital of Bor, which is a key hub in the on-going relief and development projects being implemented by NGO’s such as JAM. Continued violence in Jonglei State may have catastrophic consequences for millions of its inhabitants. JAM has been very involved in this state, assisting more than 100 000 beneficiaries and regardless of the challenges JAM will play a vital role in helping the displaced people who now find themselves in a very difficult and desperate plight.

The situation in Warrap and Lakes States where JAM also operates our nutritional feeding programmes is relatively calm. JAM staff have continued with the distribution of food to IDP’s as well as cooperating in this growing emergency with other NGO’s on the ground.

In a country the size of Texas or France, yet with few tarred roads and logistical challenges due to the approaching rainy season, it is of paramount importance that food is moved into the most affected areas as soon as possible. This adds extra pressure to the situation. JAM understands the urgency of the moment but we must have finances to get supplies moved.

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JAM’s Involvement in the crisis

With the situation being coined as one of ‘mega complexity’, JAM – who has been implementing nutritional relief programmes in this country since 2001, and has continued uninterruptedly with our work throughout the crisis – is now in dire need of contributions from donors worldwide in order to deal with the growing needs of the hundreds of thousands of innocent South Sudanese people.

JAM currently implements four critical nutritional feeding programmes in partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP) in Lakes, Jonglei and Warrap States. These programmes have helped over 500,000 recipients during the last year.

There are now more than 200,000 IDPs who have been directly affected by this conflict in the areas were JAM is active. In Twich East and Duk counties of Jonglei State, JAM has been distributing 50-kilogram sacks of food to the 30,000 IDPs left vulnerable and starving by the conflict. In Lakes State JAM has distributed food to 7,500 beneficiaries and is currently working with the WFP to distribute 263.25 metric tonnes of food to a further 30,000 IDPs in Awerial. Despite these efforts, there are still tens of thousands of people without food in these worst affected areas. We must all act very swiftly.

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Call for Support and Action

The current emergency has rapidly created overcrowding in the IDP camps; hence the need for nutritional and further relief assistance is of critical importance to the future of this country. As a key partner in supplying emergency relief, JAM calls on donors all over the world to support these on-going relief efforts to those affected by this human tragedy.

Due to the fact that JAM does not have the additional finance to deal with this emergency, our resources are now stretched beyond rational limits, the pressure of the situation has forced JAM staff to double their work capacity and hours, trying to cope with the current situation.

JAM is dedicated to ensure survival for the hundreds of thousands affected by this crisis, providing them with food, water and shelter. We are hopeful that donors will respond to this urgent request for assistance. For any enquiries kindly send an email to and cc

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