So much more than water

So much more than water

At JAM international we are privileged to see how seemingly small contributions and projects can change the way an entire community functions for the better.  No story illustrates this better than a water well that has been installed through the JAM international clean water projects funded by the German Rotary society.

Londimba is a community of over a thousand people in Angola.  Their water sources included an unprotected stream located near a thickly forested area where residents shared their water source with wild animals.  Not only was the quality of the water compromised because of its exposure to wild animals and
sediment, but residents often feared attacks by the animals they shared the water with.

Children collect water from a nearby contaminated water source

The other source of water available to the Londimba community was the Cubal Kissangi River over an hour’s walk from many residents’ homes.  The distance and volatility of the water quality meant that residents spent a lot of time getting water, which reduced the time they could spend in the fields or, in the
case of children, in school.

Since the installation of a water well, made possible through the funding of the German Rotary and the JAM International water project, residents in Londimba have seen a marked decrease in water-borne diseases such as diarrhea and typhoid. This has empowered the communities’ medical personal to attend to malaria treatment and prevention and other seasonal conditions.

A community leader pumping water

Previously community members struggled to have enough drinking water, so water for things like bathing and cleaning was a secondary priority.  Now with the fresh clean water available through the water well, the hygiene in the community has improved dramatically resulting in a better quality of life and
reduced risk of hygiene-related illness.

Another area of the community critically affected before the water well was installed with the local school where hand-dug wells used to provide children with water were often contaminated.  The principal at the school Costa Domingos  had this to say  “The hand pump and water at this location is a great asset for everyone because it has considerably reduced water complaints. Now we have peace of mind knowing that school children are consuming safe water and that their meals are prepared using clean water too.”

These types of collaborations between JAM International’s water projects and donors such as the German Rotary are changing the lives of thousands
of people around the globe.

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