School and community thrive with JAM’s support

School and community thrive with JAM’s support

One of the schools JAM feeds through the Nutritional Feeding programme, EPC Chitsotso School, is looking towards a sustainable future. Passionate about sustainability, the Headmaster Ms Albertina Matsinhe and her team are hopeful that one day the school will be able to produce its own food, which will benefit their community.

By providing match funding, the children of EPC Chitsotso are among the 379 586 beneficiaries JAM is providing feeding to in Mozambique. We have also been extensively involved in providing assistance in agricultural development, including providing supplies and training that will improve agriculture production, which will in turn transform the prosperities of the school and community.

Although the school began its own food garden and Machamba (plots of land) in 2008, JAM has been providing significant resources like tools, seeds, and training to educators and community members since 2011. There are currently 65 Machamba’s in the JAM Mozambique Feeding programme.

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) agreed that the profits from the food garden and field be harvested back into the project, through the purchasing of two pigs in 2011. The pigs have reproduced and the school currently has a total of seven pigs, which they are hoping will breed more towards an improved piggery.

Matsinhe believes that the PTA, educators, and learners have learnt a great deal from this project including budgeting, entrepreneur skills, and the benefits of closer community involvement. The school and PTA have identified the gap for chickens in the surrounding villages, and hope to expand their efforts to chicken farming in future.