Rwanda growing steadily despite continuing hurdles and challenges

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When JAM’s Fred Nkunda Life Centre was established in 1998, the aim was to not only provide a safe haven for the vulnerable and orphaned children, primarily who were victims of the heinous 1994 Rwandan genocide. Following the genocide, the country worked hard to rebuild its economy, infrastructure, education system and social development. It is therefore encouraging to read that, according to, Rwanda’s economy grew at an estimated 6.6% in 2013, outstripping its regional counterparts and most of sub-Saharan Africa despite regional pressures. Significantly for JAM’s FNLC vocational training students, it is encouraging to see that the Rwandan Government is investing Rwf10.5 billion to Rwf30.5 billion ($45 million US Dollars) vocational training to help create skilled labour to contribute to the economy.

Rwanda on course despite hurdles*

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