Providing aid to flood-affected communities in Pibor is not for the faint-hearted.

Providing aid to flood-affected communities in Pibor is not for the faint-hearted.

Like most humanitarian crises, flooding leaves those affected in a worse state than before. As one of the hardest to reach areas of South Sudan, Pibor has faced various compounding challenges for many years, much of which has been as a result of the tough terrain in the area.

The annual rainy season from April to November cuts off all road networks. Pushing through in these tough conditions has been demonstrated by JAM’s teams over and over again, as they pursue access to those in desperate need. Our staff have remained resolute, never giving up in spite of severe obstacles such as mud, flood waters and the resultant technical issues, while remaining in one area for days waiting for assistance to rescue vehicles.

We salute these brave humanitarians!

Over the years, JAM has implemented a community management acute malnutrition project targeting various locations in South Sudan, with Pibor as a major hub. This is an urgent, lifesaving intervention. During the flooding season our commitment to this program is hampered due to the inaccessible areas and the exorbitant cost of air transport.

Thanks to a generous donor, our most recent acquisition was a boat – a key turning point in facilitating the delivery of nutrition. This has been greeted with great excitement by the team in South Sudan.

Through this valuable asset, JAM is able to assist in delivering uninterrupted food supplies and healthcare services to our beneficiaries. We also conduct regular mobile outreaches, set up mobile treatment centers, as well as monitor and manage those facing acute malnutrition in remote areas where they seek safety. Severe cases and those with health complications can be transported to the only MSF medical treatment center in Pibor.

Humanitarian aid is by no means ‘pretty’ or ‘comfortable’, nor can it have a one-size-fits-all approach, yet it is the most rewarding work in the world as we aim to support those who cannot support themselves. We do what we can, for those who cannot.

To continue and reach more of those in greatest need, we need extra boats for water transportation. Please respond by providing financially for additional boats or other relief items for the flood relief project. Contact us at

Please partner with us to help soften the blow of humanitarian disasters.

Ann Pretorius
Global CEO and Co-founder
JAM International

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