Care for Vulnerable Children

Care for Vulnerable Children

Thousands of children in Africa grow up under extremely hard socio-economic conditions that place their physical and mental well being at risk. These include conflict, death of parents, poor parenting, unemployment, poverty, substance abuse, food insecurity and exploitation. These issues contribute to the desperate need for focused care for vulnerable children in Africa.

Since our establishment, JAM has focused on orphaned and vulnerable children living in impoverished and war-torn communities in Africa. One of JAM’s first programmes was to establish an orphanage in Mozambique for 300 orphans in 1986. After the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, JAM built another orphanage in Rwanda to house 800 displaced or orphaned victims.

JAM’s current efforts in the field of vulnerable child care are concentrated in South Africa and Angola. In South Africa, JAM supports more than 90 000 children in more than 1 700 child care centres in impoverished communities. These centres are usually corrugated-iron shacks that are not insulated, leak and have unfinished floors. We raise funds to upgrade the centres, a project referred to as Makeovers, to make them safe, stimulating spaces in which learning can take place. In Angola, JAM supports six malnutrition clinics and hospitals in Benguela Province with life-saving therapeutic milk formulas for young patients suffering from severe and acute malnutrition. Despite Angola’s rapid post-war economic growth based on oil production, more than 40% of Angolans live below the poverty line and unemployment is widespread.

Programme objectives

South Africa
We support more than 1700 early childhood development centres in South Africa’s informal settlements, where many of the urban poor reside.

JAM supplies F-75 and F-100 therapeutic milk formula to six malnutrition centres in Benguela Province.