Mozambique leading its own development in the fishing sector

by / Friday, 29 November 2013 / Published in Uncategorized

Mozambique is one of the countries where JAM’s Nutritional Feeding programme is most needed due to the high levels of poverty in the country. With over 1 500 miles of coastline, numerous ports and access to large tuna fish stocks, Mozambique should be one of the world’s foremost fishing nations. However, it is not and as a result of various social and economic issues, this industry has never developed. Until recently, Mozambique is reported to have had just one tuna fishing boat. This statistic changed when it was announced that the country had developed its own fishing fleet in November 2013.  The country hopes to catch 23 000 tons of tuna annually worth an estimated $90 million each year, as reported by Bloomberg. As an organisation focused on development and nutrition, JAM welcomes this boost to the sector.

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