Motivating Children to Attend School: A Key to Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Motivating Children to Attend School: A Key to Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

The JAM school feeding program operating in Angola, along with the Lego 6 brick and Tom’s shoe distribution programs have become
motivating factors that see students coming back to school again and again.

The promise of a hot meal every day, a privilege many in the community go without, along with the care clearly visible in each school, is
helping to ensure school attendance stays constant.  In some schools such as the Augusto Ngungola teachers like Ilda Bimbi Chicuma Culevala
have even noticed an increase in children attending school year on year.

One of these children is a young boy named Maneul Kutalica Antonio. Maneul’s parents are subsistence farmers who work hard to provide
their family with basic necessities.  But sometimes the crop this family farms fails and there isn’t enough food for Maneul to have breakfast before
school. This is where JAM’s school feeding program bridges the gap.

“I always wake up early to go to school knowing that there I will get my red bowl with nice porridge. My parents sometimes
cannot give us breakfast, so I like eating breakfast  in school.” 
Says Maneul.

Getting children to attend school and keeping them in school is a key factor to ensuring they receive the education they so
desperately need to empower a brighter future.

No child can be expected to learn hungry and the JAM feeding program goes a long way in ensuring that the children in the
schools we support have full tummies before they start their day.

“It is so wonderful to see the happiness of the children as they come to school knowing that they will have a hot meal in the morning,” Jose Silva
Jumba, teacher at Missao Catolica primary school.

Every child who receives a meal through the JAM school feeding program has the potential to become well educated and in so
doing break the cycle of poverty and change the future of their family.

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