Managing water like the precious resource it is.

Managing water like the precious resource it is.

Water preservation and water shortage have been hot topics in recent times, but for most of us reading this article, the reality of living without an easily accessible, clean water source is not something we have a great deal of experience with.

For the community in the Cheline village in Mozambique, a lack of clean water is something that has haunted the community for many years before the JAM Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) program.

The objectives of the JAM WASH program include

· Saving lives
· Increasing Access to clean water
· Improving Health & Hygiene
· Promoting Education
· Gender Equality and Opportunity
· Developing Communities

The borehole introduced at the Cheline Primary School through the JAM’s WASH initiative not only included the provision of a borehole to the community but also included the formation of a Water Committee. The purpose of this committee is to ensure accountability for the maintenance and management of the borehole.

The JAM WASH team ensures that members of the committee are carefully trained and educated about water resource management.  This has helped to ensure that the water from the borehole remains clean and that the borehole maintenance is conducted regularly.

Water committee members fixing the Cheline school borehole

The borehole project in Cheline ran smoothly for many years, but recently the borehole broke down.  Fortunately, the JAM WASH team were able to advise members of the water committee on how to repair the borehole, resulting in fresh clean water being made available to the community again within just a few days.

The community is incredibly grateful for the borehole as the nearest clean water resource is a three kilometre walk and would sap much of the time the community uses for other activities such as growing food and educating their children.

Working with communities such as the water committee in Cheline in Mozambique provides a stark reminder of how important water resource management and education are to ensure water security and sanitation to communities.

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