Making a real difference – by Rick Ciaramitaro

Making a real difference – by Rick Ciaramitaro

This is the story of how Rick Ciaramitaro, JAM Canadian Board member, hopes to contribute towards making a difference in the lives of thousands of African children in 2014 and beyond.

What an amazing year 2013 has been. My wife, Cathy, and I have travelled across Canada and have also undertaken four overseas trips with one of the highlights of 2013 being our field trip to Mozambique with fellow Pastors and JAM Canada Board members, Steve and Beth Fleming. During this field trip, we visited one of the schools supported by JAM, which recently received a fresh-water well and are also growing into an incredible and thriving farming community.

It was a great joy to witness multitudes of happy, healthy little children coming to receive their daily rations of nutritious food, served in JAM’s signature Red Bowls, a symbol of hope and a future. This was a particularly significant moment for me because several years ago, during my first trip to Mozambique, I saw some of the children had white patches on their heads and some marks on their arms. After making some enquiries about it, one of the JAM team members explained to me that the children with the patches were new to JAM’s Nutritional Feeding programme and that the marks indicated a vitamin deficiency that would clear up in about 30 days due to the nutritious food provided by JAM.

Seeing this sad state of affairs touched me immensely and awakened a major passion to help children across the African continent get healthy. One of the inherent needs inside of every father or mother, as is currently the case with Cathy and myself, is to see children growing up to enjoy a happy and healthy life. I believe that God put that desire inside all of us and JAM is working hard to help people make a difference and thus accomplish this inherent need.

One of the things that JAM Canada is doing is that we are launching a child sponsorship project called Red Bowl Christmas Campaign. For a nominal amount, individuals like you and I can feed a child for an entire year, which is very small compared to how much some of us usually spend on single meals. Cathy and I recently went out for lunch with another couple where the bill, including tax and tip, was $65.00. This amount could have fed one child for an entire year.

We have committed ourselves to sponsoring 20 children this year because we believe in the power and positive change that this project can bring. However we can not do this alone. Together, we can and will make a difference through this project as well as through other JAM programs.

To JAM’s existing donor base, I would like to thank you for believing in JAM’s vision and for sharing the JAM story with your family, relatives, friends, and co-workers! JAM Canada has set a goal for the JAM Canada Christmas Campaign to feed 2 500 children for a year through donations. Together, we will do great things for JAM!

Ps. Rick Ciaramitaro, JAM Canada Vice President.

Should you wish to volunteer or donate towards any of JAM’s programs in Africa, please contact JAM International on email: