Making a difference in the lives of women and children in South Sudan

Making a difference in the lives of women and children in South Sudan

Perhaps you have a monthly amount that you donate to JAM International, but when you look at it in the context of your own expenses, you wonder how it could possibly make a difference. This article is a real-life example of a widow whose life is being changed month by month through the
contributions made to JAM International.

Meet Akur, a South Sudanese woman with five children who was suddenly widowed when her husband was killed in the internal conflict near her home,
leaving her family all but destitute.

Akur struggled to feed her suddenly vulnerable family by selling firewood and trying to get casual work at local farms, but there was never enough food and she was
always worried about her children’s health.

Following a rigorous selection process, JAM International along with the World Food Programme identified Akur as a responsible beneficiary to the CFA (Cash For Assets) program. For a monthly stipend, beneficiaries engage in selected livelihood activities which include farming.

This financial support enabled Akur to purchase seeds to begin farming but she and her family were using a locally made tool called a ‘maloda’ which is a tiny farming
implement that is very time consuming to work with.

Part of the CFA program made possible through JAM, is to provide beneficiaries with farming implements which, for Akur, meant the life-changing acquisition of a hoe.

This season, Akur has been able to harvest 11 bags of groundnuts, four of which she was able to sell at the local market while keeping the rest for next season’s seeds and to feed her family. With the additional money, Akur has made from her surplus product sales, she has been able to buy a goat which will hopefully reproduce and provide her with milk for her family and milk she can sell to her community. As time goes on Akur will be able to plant more ground nuts, increase her herd of goats and slowly but surely build up a
surplus that will enable her to provide financial and food security for her family.

With the small contribution from JAM International, the cycle of poverty has been broken in Akur’s life and in the life of her children.

None of this would have been possible without your contribution to JAM International. So the next time you look at your contribution to JAM and wonder if it can really make
a difference, remember Akur and her family.