Let’s provide them with water

Let’s provide them with water

Every time I am in the field and exposed to the challenges people face in rural Africa, it has a marked effect on me. I think it is grossly unfair that so much of the world can just open the faucet and enjoy clean, drinkable water, while such a large percentage of people walk for miles to get water that is unfit for human consumption.

On a recent trip to Angola, I was strongly reminded of this when I saw two very cute little children, Marvilha and Kuihna, using the lid from their mother Domingos’ water container to scoop some water to drink. This water was horribly green and stinky, yet the children seemed oblivious of this. I wanted to shout, ‘Stop! Don’t drink that water. It will make you sick.’ Then I remembered that they have no option, this is the only water in their area. My next thought was that they should boil the water to make it safe, but this terrain is a semi-desert, so there is hardly any material with which to make a fire.

The tragedy is that, according to the United Nations statistics, more than 700 million people do not have access to potable water, 37% of whom live in Sub-Saharan Africa. As I looked at Marvilha and Kuihna, such meaningless statistics were very far from my heart. My focus was on them. When we talked to some of the mothers from their village of Makulungo II, they told us how many of their children get sick from waterborne diseases and many of them die. In fact, 10 children recently died from this. One mother said, “Our children are sick so much of the time because of this water.”

We can help. We can change their lives and save many lives. I know you don’t live in this remote village in Angola and you have never met these little girls, but I still believe, that hearing of their plight, you will have a heart to help them just like I do. It is so easy to change their situation by providing a well for them to drink clean, safe water every day. Perhaps either personally or through your business, you can provide $12,000.00 to sponsor a well in this village. If not, perhaps you could combine your resources with others in your network or supply a portion of the funds and join with other donors of JAM towards a well. Just $24 will supply clean water for 2 people.

Please don’t just leave my request. JAM has two drilling rigs in Angola and a courageous team who drill in these tough, outlying areas. We need your participation and help. Let’s work together to change these children’s situation. I honestly believe it is every person’s right to have clean, safe drinking water.

In anticipation, thank you for your help.