JAM’s nutrition programme saves a little girl

JAM’s nutrition programme saves a little girl

Little two-year-old Cecelia sits happily on her mother’s lap, nutritious fortified milk dribbling down her chin as she grins at the JAM International team. This smile is a welcome sign of health, which just a few days ago was impossible for little Cecilia as she lay fighting for her life.

Her mother, Angelina, can’t stop hugging her little girl as she chats to the team. Angelina and her family are subsistence farmers in Angola and they live
18 kilometres away from the hospital in which Cecilia is currently being treated.

A few weeks ago, Cecelia, a normally bubbly and happy little girl, became lethargic and unresponsive. A few days later her parents discovered sores in her mouth and noticed that every time they fed her she vomited and developed diarrhoea. Desperately worried about their daughter, their neighbour advised them to take Cecilia to Ganda
Hospital 18 kilometres from their community.

Angelina tells us about the gruelling trip to get Cecilia to the hospital, walking as far as possible
and having to rely on lifts from strangers travelling in the direction of Ganda,
some 200 kilometres from the city centre of Benguela Province.

Angelina’s story is not unique and many parents struggle to get their children the help they
need as transport from outlying communities to medical facilities is inconsistent.

When she arrived at Ganda Hospital doctors diagnosed Cecilia with severe malnutrition,
explaining to Angelina that without treatment Cecilia would have died.

The JAM International feeding program at Ganda Hospital provides the nutritious milk
needed to treat malnutrition in children whilst also supplying Angelina with a meal
every day to ensure her health as well.


“My family does not have the money to pay for medical treatment.” Says Angelina. “I am so
grateful to JAM International because without the free treatment here at Ganda Hospital, my
Cecilia would have died.” She says, smiling shyly.

There are hundreds of children just like Cecilia in Angola who desperately need nutritional support to survive. The JAM International team are incredibly
grateful to every sponsor who’s help ensures that these children receive the medical treatment they need free of charge.