JAM keeps me from starving

JAM keeps me from starving

“My name is Aminata, I am seven years old, and my life has changed completely in the last few months.  Up until now, I lived with my mother and father and had a happy and safe home.  My father was a leader in our community, a missionary, who worked very hard in the building of a school in our community which has meant that children no longer need to walk seven kilometers to get to school.  He supervised the building of the school and was the head teacher when it opened as well.

I am very sad to say that both my parents died suddenly, and I was sent to live with my aunt, who has no children of her own.  While I am glad for the shelter, she gives me, my living conditions are not what they were.  My aunt often does not feed me, and I struggle daily to get enough to eat.

Then one day JAM began giving the children at my school a warm meal at lunchtime. I cannot find the words to tell how glad I am for the lunch I receive at school.  I know that I will get something to eat every day. I know you will never understand my excitement when I see a JAM vehicle. To me it is hope and life.”

The JAM school feeding program, with the help of our sponsors, reaches thousands of children every school day in Sierra Leone through 88 primary schools.  These children receive a hot bowl of MannaPack Rice or JAM’s Corn Soya Blend (CSB) cereal every school lunch break and the program also identifies at-risk children ensuring that they get a take-home ration as well to see them through the school holidays and weekends when they would, otherwise, not receive any food.

Aminita has also been identified as an at-risk girl child and she has been incorporated into an additional program that tries to ensure that she receives a meal a day.

As part of the recent COVID-19 response plan, alongside PLAN International, the distribution of supplementary food packs to 83 000 people – equivalent to 9 960 000 meals also took place.

Your support is providing light in very dark and desperate situations like Aminita’s.

Thank you.

You are making a bigger difference than you could ever imagine.
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