How JAM programmes are breaking the cycle of poverty in Angola

How JAM programmes are breaking the cycle of poverty in Angola

When JAM was founded in 1984, the dream of our founders, Peter and Ann Pretorius, was to break the cycle of poverty.  A simple enough mission statement, but the practical implementation of this vision has resulted in a variety of powerful partnerships with like-minded organisations all over the world as JAM, with the help of our incredibly generous donors, has provided aid to millions of desperate people across Africa.

Sometimes, when looking at the enormous need, it’s easy to lose sight of how the tiny details are the very essence of these programs’ success. That is why we are always delighted to receive feedback from people on the ground who are instrumental to the work we do, both in terms of implementation, but also as recipients themselves.

Jose Silva Jumba is one of these people in Angola.  He is a teacher at Missao Catolica primary school where several children benefit from the JAM School Feeding Programme, the LEGO Six Bricks Programme and the TOMS Shoe Distribution Programme.

Jose Silva Jumba, a teacher at Missao Catolica Primary in Angola

“I have noticed that, since the JAM programs have been introduced into our school, more children attend school more regularly.” He says. “The children seem much happier and are excited to participate in these programs.  They also have a great deal more energy after they have received their meal for the day and are eager to learn, ask questions and participate in educational activities.

A teacher demonstrating with Lego during a lesson

Breaking the cycle of poverty starts with education.  But children who are starving don’t have the mental capacity to absorb information and are often absent from school as they try to assist their families in finding food.

 This is why every intervention in a school begins with the JAM School Feeding Programme because only once the necessities of hunger relief are taken care of can we expect children to have the energy to learn.

As a contributor to JAM, your support means that children are fed, educated, inspired and, over time, empowered to rise above the circumstances surrounding them and break the cycle of poverty.  This process takes many years, but now over 35 years since JAM began, we have millions of examples of individual children who have grown up to change their world and the world of their families.  All of this because of your support.