Gardening programme gives reason to celebrate

by / Wednesday, 09 April 2014 / Published in News, News Archive

The success of the school gardening and sustainability programme has created a buzz of excitement amongst learners, Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) and school administrators. Buoyed by their success and the interest shown by Ministry of Education officials, several schools have participated in Agriculture Expos in Sofala and Inhambane Provinces. EP1 Savanah was singled out for high praise at the “Dondo Agriculture Expo” for the quality and variety of their produce.

The surge in political violence in Sofala province curtailed much of JAM’s delivery operations in recent months, and in this isolated case a short period of hunger pains was averted at EPC Savannah. The school’s thriving garden was able to supply the children with enough food for three days when the school’s supply of CSB finished.

That the school and PTA managed to provide inadvertent proof of the success of the sustainability of the gardening programme is reason to celebrate.  This qualitative example of the success of JAM’s program work is indicative of how JAM and the beneficiaries we serve are sowing the seeds of an agricultural revolution in Africa.

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