Empowering the youth through education

Empowering the youth through education

For many people reading this article, the promise of a bright future is an assumption made based on resources and the family we were raised in.
But what if that family was living in poverty and starvation had hounded you your whole life?  Would you still be where you are today?

At JAM we have the privilege of helping young people to overcome their past and showing them that their past doesn’t have to determine their future.

An amazing example of this is a young man called Cyprien Rugamba in Rwanda. Cyprien’s mother has a mental disorder and his father spent
10 years in jail while Cyprien was a child.

As one of five children, Cyprien has struggled for most of his life with extreme poverty and hunger.  Although he tried his best at school, his marks
weren’t good enough for a government scholarship which would have provided him with the tertiary skills he needed to break the cycle of poverty in his family.

The JAM international scholarship team recognised, in Cyprien, a factor that cannot be taught–a good attitude.  Cyprien is a hard worker and determined to
create a better future for his family.  These qualities are invaluable as they will help any scholar to overcome the difficulties of learning a new trade.

Cyprien is currently studying masonry, which will enable him to earn a better living than his father or mother have been able to.  He is working extremely
hard and his work ethic is paying off with great results.

The JAM international scholarship team are excited to see how Cyprien uses the skills he has been given through his education and his experiences, to not
only lift the circumstances of his own family but also of those around him.

If you are already donating to JAM we want to let you know that your donation, no matter how big or small is changing lives, families and
communities and, in time, will result in the upliftment of a nation.

 On behalf of Cyprien and others like him.  Thank you!

To learn more about JAM’s work in Rwanda, and the establishment of the Fred Nkunda Life Centre, set up to provide a safe haven for the vulnerable
and orphaned children after the terrible genocide, click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7mAUa4e7h8&t=

To purchase a copy of the book, Voices of Rwanda, please contact us at info@jamint.com