Education is an instrument for eradicating poverty in Mozambique

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JAM has been providing nutritional relief and school feeding for many years, not only for survival, but also to encourage school attendance and getting an education. We have expanded our programs into agriculture to provide communities with much needed capacity to grow their own food. JAM’s programs have been instrumental in encouraging children to get an education to empower themselves and their families. A report by indicates that the Mozambican Government recognises the role that education can play in creating a better future for the country. JAM is committed to continue holding hands with the people of Mozambique towards the eradication of poverty.

Mozambique: Education an Instrument for Eradicating Poverty*

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  1. Karin says : Reply

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m adtpniog from Ethiopia and there are some pretty horrid statistics there as well. I am off to share this on my adoption blog, then email StatAttak and ask them to design an Ethiopia shirt as well.Thanks Jess (and I love your blog – can’t ever get enough of it!)

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