Day of the African Child

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For close to 12,000 days, JAM has celebrated and nurtured the rights of the African child. On June 16th, together with the people of this great and complex continent, we celebrate the Day of the African Child. As an organisation established out of a need to provide relief and hope to those trapped and affected by severe challenges in Africa, this year’s theme: “Conflict and Crisis in Africa: Protecting all Children’s Rights”, resonates with the very heartbeat of JAM. For the past three decades, JAM has worked in conflict areas in Africa. Operating in these environments has been a decision of the heart for our founders, Peter and Ann Pretorius. While it has not been without risk or loss, the rewards of providing food, water, and hope to millions of children have outweighed any risk. Pacifique Mahirwe, a Rwandan orphan, is one of many thousands of amazing and encourage examples of what love, care and provision can do to a life fractured by war. For years after he was orphaned during the 1994 Genocide, Pacifique lived on the streets of the city of Kigali until he arrived at JAM’s Fred Nkunda Life Centre orphanage. There, he received an education and then wrote several books of his experiences. These books were later published, and Pacifique is now enrolled at University. He is also a puppeteer, a motivational speaker, and is working as a data capturer in HIV/Aids research at a Kigali Hospital. Pacifique is one of countless children, whose life has been changed by JAM along with the support of our loyal donors. Sadly, millions of children in Africa remain affected by conflict and famine, many of them in South Sudan, which is finally emerging from three years of brutal civil war. JAM is on the ground doing all that we can, limited only by resources.

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