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The sadness of families in war-torn South Sudan

The exposure to gross poverty, disease and death that devastates poor communities in Africa, is never easy for our programmes team. Many of them have trouble sleeping after a long day of visiting and interacting with the people in these communities. One of the country’s that has been struggling with a number of debilitating socio-economic


Peter’s New Year Letter

I am sitting in my hotel room here in Angola watching CNN’s Breaking News about the terrorist attack in Paris, where it seems at least 15 people were killed. What a tragic and senseless loss of innocent lives. There is much discussion around how to solve these problems in our modern times; however there does


Angola continues to invest in education facilities to foster long-term growth

The Angolan Government has initiated a countrywide repair and construction programme of higher education facilities as part of its National Development Plan. Emerging from a devastating civil war that ended in 2002, Angola is fast developing much-needed social infrastructure needed to bolster education and foster development. The Angolan Government’s prioritisation of the education system as


Reaching for a dream

The scars of a war are evident throughout South Sudan. There is very little infrastructure and unimaginable poverty, and the battleground relics litter the landscape. One of the (many) visible reminders of the past 50 years, comprising a brutal independence war from Sudan, can be seen and felt in the story of Alek Mawien. Just