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When JAM’s Fred Nkunda Life Centre was established in 1998, the aim was to not only provide a safe haven for the vulnerable and orphaned children, primarily who were victims of the heinous 1994 Rwandan genocide. Following the genocide, the country worked hard to rebuild its economy, infrastructure, education system and social development. It is

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (UNFAO) has warned that the conflict in South Sudan poses a risk to food security and nutrition. JAM understands only too well the complexities and challenges facing South Sudan, having begun its Nutritional Feeding programme in that country in 2001. The month long conflict has plunged the country’s

South Sudan Crisis Appeal

Monday, 13 January 2014 by

With an estimated 4,000 people dead and more than 200,000 displaced in just three weeks, over 100 000 of these being children – and with warnings that these numbers could increase dramatically – South Sudan is currently in a state of emergency that is effecting tens of thousands of children every day. Well over 100,000