A toddler’s life saved by swift action in South Sudan

A toddler’s life saved by swift action in South Sudan

As a parent there is nothing more distressing than the hungry cries of your child when you have no way of feeding them. 

For Ngaricho Kadai, a young mother who had fled severe flooding in Thangajon in Pibor county, losing everything she owned, the situation became life-threatening when her almost 3year old toddler, Jiji’s health began to deteriorate.

Ngaricho and Jiji had been living in temporary residences set up to help flood victims and had been relying on the handouts from humanitarian operations who had been trying to sustain the influx of desperate people from Pibor.

Jiji is usually an energetic, happy little boy with plenty of smiles and cuddles for his mum, who he clearly adores, so when he became lethargic, irritable and listless Ngaricho knew something was very wrong with her son.

As soon as the waters receded Ngaricho hurried to bring Jiji to the Pibor outpatient therapeutic program where he was diagnosed with Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM), a condition that if not treated with the correct food and medicine can be fatal. 

Jiji slowly bouncing back to health!

Jiji was admitted to the treatment program for severe malnutrition and the JAM team worked with Ngaricho to stabilize his weight by providing him with a special type of food that his body could easily absorb while protecting his digestive system.

The JAM team also provided Ngaricho with valuable information and education on nutrition for both her and Jiji, which she will be able to share with other
community members as life get back to normal.

JAM’s Outpatient Therapeutic Clinic (OTP) provides immediate support to remote communities

There are thousands of cases just like Ngaricho and Jiji, not just in South Sudan, but in all the countries that JAM International works in. The first, and most important part of the work the JAM International team is involved in, is providing the right type of food to combat the symptoms of severe malnutrition.  The second and equally important element that the JAM International team provide to communities is the empowering information about nutrition and food so that parents are able to
effectively care for their children and prevent their health from deteriorating.

Monitoring of severe acute malnutrition takes place at OTP’s

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