Malnutrition is
Africa's greatest challenge today

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JAM feeds 1 million+ beneficiaries a day

JAM has provided
over 2500 wells to date

37% of people in Africa
don't have access to clean water

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Feeding a child works miracles

From Bleak Reality to Real Amazing
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From Bleak Reality to Real Amazing

Packed with all the high emotions and all the big numbers worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster, JAM unveils its ‘Real Amazing’ campaign to a star-studded gathering of guests at a glittering fundraising event held at the exclusive Avianto Wedding Venue in Johannesburg, South Africa on 15 September 2016. Guests are pleasantly surprised to find that they themselves are the heart of JAM’s new campaign. They are the ‘amazing’. JAM is the ‘real’. The message this night is clear: JAM and its donors make a powerful combination.The bleak reality Africa currently faces certainly calls for a powerful force of change. Malnutrition is a major underlying cause in death of children in this continent with 23 million primary school-age children attending classes hungry.

History of JAM

History of JAM

JAM has been at the forefront of the war against hunger since 1984, when founder, Peter Pretorius, was left stranded in Pambarra, Mozambique. There he witnessed the horrific consequences of starvation with children dying everyday around him. Together with his wife Ann, they resolved to commit their futures to contributing towards the eradication of hunger in Africa.


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